The Story

Dreaming. Traveling. Risking. Pursuing. Those words are used often when describing the very beginnings of Wildflower Roots. Established in the early part of 2015, owner & designer Meredith Galipault realized her not-so-obvious desire to make jewelry after a year of living in India designing with a non-profit there. A desire to keep creating and designing jewelry was born and once Meredith returned home, she felt that it was time to find a way to keep creating jewelry.

Through much encouragement from friends & family, Meredith began to lay the foundation of Wildflower Roots, incorporating values and relationships that would build not only the designs and business but also community. Over the course of 2015, through various events and partnerships, Wildflower Roots began to “grow” and establish a unique aesthetic and style of simple but creative handmade jewelry. A natural niche grew over time as more and more women raved that they wore their Wildflower Roots jewelry ‘everyday’ and that the pieces can stand the tasks of daily life.

Based out of Orange County, CA - Wildflower Roots is more than simple handmade jewelry but jewelry that adds style, story and encouragement in the daily mundane to the ever changing seasons of life.

Wildflower Roots is “simple everyday jewelry for the everyday woman”.


Why Wildflower Roots?

During a church service while in India - and prone to creative mind wandering - Meredith was doodling and scribed the words Wildflower Roots on the page. She thought it was an interesting concept that a wildflower, while often seen as untame or without intention, has the same need to grow roots to survive, despite changing seasons or how far they can spread. Not so unlike her own life, the reality of changing seasons started to take shape from this imagery: there are times where we bloom, moments where we feel spread out or scattered, being plucked or wilted, sometimes being overgrown and in need of pruning, and the beauty that is yet to be seen in each new seed … but always with roots forming and growing.

When she came home and started thinking about a name to represent the new business venture at hand, Wildflower Roots came back to mind. She realized the lessons she learned during her time away weren’t just for her, but encouragement for others as she shares her story and her vision (as wildflowers rarely grow alone). These two words create an imagery of wandering in fields with waist high blooms, basking in the deep, golden glow from late afternoon sunshine; words that brought together the wild and free yet grounded and thriving.

We hope that when you see or hear about Wildflower Roots jewelry, you are reminded that no field of wildflowers is aimless and that wherever you go, you can and will grow roots in all seasons of life.