Why just brass?

- Meredith has always preferred to work with natural and affordable materials for Wildflower Roots jewelry. She appreciates the raw and earthy look and how brass changes over time, depending how the wearer tends to her jewelry, which gives it a unique look for each person. Brass is also a simple but strong base for many of the colorful beads and stones we use in our pieces! 


Is Wildflower Roots jewelry handmade?

- Designed and constructed by Meredith and Sara, Wildflower Roots jewelry is 100% handmade and local!


Does Wildflower Roots use ethically sourced materials?

- Like many companies, we do our best to make sure our materials and supplies are also handmade and ethically produced. We use information and research available with each of our vendors. If you have a specific question or would like to find out more, please email hello@wildflowerroots.com.


What does the name Wildflower Roots mean?

- Wildflower Roots is essentially a reminder that even when life seems aimless or unsure, you can grow roots wherever you go, and in whatever season of life you’re in. Read more about how Meredith came up with the name on 'our story' page.


Where can I buy your jewelry in store?

- We are honored to have our jewelry available at several local retailers in Orange County, CA. See who we partner with on our 'stockists' page.


Do you offer a Brand Ambassador or Rep program?

- We love that you love Wildflower Roots and want to help us represent! Currently we don’t offer a specific program, but are looking for: guest and regular blog contributors, creative styling and stylists, local events, or social media partnerships. We’re also open to any ideas you might have so please feel free to reach out to us! You can fill out the form on the 'collaborate' page or send your current media kit to hello@wildflowerroots.com


How will Wildflower Roots Jewelry fit?

- Every piece of Wildflower Roots jewelry includes available sizes and dimensions in the product descriptions. If something doesn’t fit or you have a specific sizing request, please let us know in the comments section of your order and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


How do I care for my jewelry so it lasts?

- Brass is a unique material that changes hue or sheen as it’s worn. Head to our 'jewelry care' page to find out how to best maintain your Wildflower Roots jewelry.


Will you run sales or discounts?

- Short answer: yes!

We offer many opportunities for  promotional discounts and offers. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with all things Wildflower Roots.


I own a shop and want to stock with Wildflower Roots. What do I need to do?

- Head over to our 'wholesale' page and fill out the form! There’s plenty of room for requests or questions and we’d love to hear from you and how we can partner. In addition to stocking, we are always up for collaborating with our shops for events and pop-ups so let us know if there’s anything additional you’d like to do with Wildflower Roots.